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    V Parku 2325/16, 148 00, Prague – Chodov, Czech Republic
    Web: www.honeywell.com
    Contact person: Michal Orlita, programme manager
    Tel.: +420 532 115 020
    Fax: +420 532 115 008
    IČ: 27617793
    E-mail: michal.orlita@honeywell.com


    Honeywell Aerospace is a major supplier of innovative avionic, mechanical systems and other products for commercial, business and general aviation sectors. Sales and customer support in Prague is serving the EMEAI (Europe,Meaddle East, Africa and India) region and focusing on the following segements:

    • ATR – Air Transport and Regional aviation
    • BGA – Business and General Aviation
    • D&S – Defense and Space

    Engineering and research actities are done mainly from the Brno research and design center and are including:

    • Flight Controls – software development and verification, system engineering, direct
    • mode control law implementation, system verification
    • Digital engine control – design and developing software for DECs and FADECs.
    • SESAR – Single European Sky ATM research – WP9 and other workpackages
    • Satelite navigation – GPS/Galileo, Telematics on-board unit development
    • ATM research - Erasmus, RESET, iFLY
    • Aircraft systems analysis – Cabin Pressure Systems, Electrical Power Systems,
    • Human Factors research
    • Vehicle Health Monitoring
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems – Sense & Avoid technology, collision avoidance algorithms, low cost navigation systems, avionics/payload architecture, GPS dennied areas navigation, automation landing procedures, fault tolerant algorithms
    • Component engineering – single part numbering system, obsolescence and life cycle information, reliability information, failure analysis
    • Hardware design – mechanical design, electrical layout design
    • Simulation – SW development and support of simulators, simulation benches
    • Test engineering – flight controls, integrated platforms, displays and other systems testing
    • Avionics RF design and prototyping – navigation, communication, receivers/transmitters
    • and other
    design: DIS MEDIA
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