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    Budějovická 148, Velešín, 382 32
    Internet: http://www.jihostroj.cz
    E-mail: sales.ad@jihostroj.cz, mailbox@jihostroj.cz
    Tel.: +420 380 340 712
    +420 380 340 511
    Fax: +420 380 340 612
    IČ: 46678212

    The core company businesses are the aerospace equipment and industrial hydraulics. The production program of the company is complemented by other activities, such as heat and surface treatment, production of instruments and gauges, tools and made-to-print production.

    The high demands and standards required for aeronautical production, high level of development and technology are also applicable to the production of hydraulics and other products. Jihostroj, a. s. is thus presenting itself as a partner able to meet the onerous technical requirements of its business partners. This is also justified by its wide range of customers. They are both traditional and new Czech and Slovak companies from the aeronautical, automotive, tractor and similar branches of the industry. In the recent years, our export share is rapidly growing, as the number of customers from Germany, USA, Italy, Austria, Hungary, U.K., France, South Korea and other countries increases, and exports to the whole industrial world plays a major role in company business dynamics.

    Quality and environmental system meets ISO 9001:2000, EN/AS9100, NADCAP, ISO 14 000 and EASA Part 21 and EASA Part 145 standards, and it is audited on a regular basis by certification bodies, Civil Aviation Authority/EASA, military supervisory organizations, as well as major customers.

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