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    The origin of the company can be found in the year 1952. At that time the development of the parachute and special techniques started in Czechoslovakia. In the same year the development department of the Research Institute for clothing industry arose in Prostějov, in the form of a separate site lined onto the parachute technique development. This department was placed in the area of the state enterprise Kras n. p. Chornice, the monopoly manufacturer of the parachutes in Czechoslovakia. Since 1990 the development department acts beside of the parachute technique also in the development of the ballistic protections and devices for Police and Military forces.

    After privatisation in 1992, this development department was re-transformed in the company MarS, s. r. o. Jevíčko. Two former employees of the parachute development department of Kras Chornice turned into establishing persons and owners of MarS Jevíčko. Shortly the third partner approached. Each of these three owners is the head of one of three production divisions today.

    The present

    The company MarS is disposing from the very beginning of the enterprising enough brainworkers thanks to the development of the new parachute technique made earlier.

    Suitable manufacture capacities, production and construction-development areas and technologies have been completed – the series production could start. The production runs in two variants – serial production and job-order manufacture. The production is divided into three divisions according specification:

    D1 – manufacture of the sport and troop parachutes

    Following items pertain into this division:

    • sport parachutes canopies, type wing (M 252, M 282, M 156, M 176, M 196, M 216, M 291, M 330);
    • reserve parachute canopies, type wing (WP 110, WP 130, WP 150, WP 175, WP 210, WP 260);
    • circular canopies of the reserve parachutes (PZS-82, PZS-92, ZVP-80);
    • troop parachutes, range OVP;
    • supporting harness (OP–093/01, PS–034 S; OP-087, PS-034; OP-087, PS-034U; OP-087, PS- 34UU; OP-087, PS-034 RW, Real-X);
    • spare parts;
    • accessories for sky trooper (glasses, Pro-Dietter, altimeters etc.).

    D2 – manufacture of the pilot, emergency and braking parachutes

    Following items pertain into this division:

    • emergency parachutes for the sport aeroplanes (range ATL-88, ATL-88/90, ATL-88/92-S, ATL-88/98-S);
    • pilot parachutes for the ejection systems of aeroplanes of the manufacturer Aero Vodochody (PL-70 I, PL-70 I/K, PL-70 I/L, PLS-80, PLS-85);
    • canopies for the ultralight aeroplanes emergency systems E-105U;
    • braking parachutes for fighters MIG and SU;
    • emergency devices for the ejection systems;
    • windy sleeves.

    D3 – manufacture of the technical clothing, ballistics protections and devices for the Police and Military forces

    Following items pertain into this division:

    • outfitting parts made from textile materials (holsters, belts, hinges for the weapons and ammunition etc.);
    • tactical vests;
    • armoured vests with the resistance in the accordance with the Czech standard ČSN 395360, NIJ 0101.03, NIJ 0101.04, AK II;
    • chemical clothing components;
    • instrument covers.

    In this time is our company the only manufacturer of the parachute techniques in the Czech Republic, approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic. The ATL-88 parachute is certified by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Aviation Authority).

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