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    PRAGA Hostivař, a. s., was established in 1998 as a successor of PRAGA, very known and traditional producer of mechanical gearboxes for trucks and buses. In 1998 was merged PRAGA together with TECHNOMETRA – manufacturer of high quality hydraulic components and fluid systems for aviation. During existence of the company many devices for aeroplanes L-29, L-39, L410, L-610 has been developed and produced. At this time PRAGA Hostivař. a. s., supplies pumps, valves, filters etc. for L-159A and for Ae 270. For components of PRAGA Hostivař, a. s., are made overhauls, service and development for other companies.

    Production and development consists of:

    Aircraft industry

    • development;
    • production of aircraft hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid devices and regulators turns propeller;
    • production of filters;
    • overhauls and service of PRAGA components.


    • production of axial piston pumps and motors with displacement 12, 16, 28, 56, 105, 125 cm3;
    • production of filters (medium pressure and high pressure) and filter elements;
    • overhauls of axial piston pumps and motors.


    • development and production of five and six speed gearboxes for trucks and buses;
    • production and overhauls of dependent drives, independent drives, front axle drives;
    • repairs of Karosa busses gearboxes, Liaz trucks gearboxes;
    • production of gears, shafts and other parts.
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