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    Aeromedia is a Czech publishing company. It publishes magazines and books focused on aviation, models and military equipment. There are the following magazines in the portfolio of the Aeromedia Company:


    Letectví + kosmonautika (Aviation and Cosmonautics) is a monthly magazine in Czech and Slovak languages (with contents and résumés in English) with more than eighty years of tradition, appeared for the first time on 21 January 1921.
    The L+K presents a wide scope of articles with topics including air transport, sports and military aviation, rocketry, manned space flight; each issue offers aviation news, introduction of new types, air shows and preservation news, book reviews, articles on historical types and aircrew memories, and also unit histories, aircraft markings, interior and close-up photos. It is a magazine intended for general public interested in aviation and space both professionally and as a hobby. Illustrations include photographs, 3-view drawings and colour schemes and a lot of new original features.


    The AIR is an English language published luxurious magazine about all kinds of Czech and Slovak aviation. It presents Czech and Slovak aviation institutions, companies, producers and operators of aviation equipment, repair and other subjects focused on the field of aviation.


    AEROHOBBY is a monthly magazine intended for all friends of flying. It deals with topics like sports flying and leisure time activities related to or inspired by flying. Each issue offers a variety of articles, from highly informative and technical ones to a “good reading” like coverage of interesting events, news, interviews with “flying” personalities, and even short stories, and of course extremely attractive photographs. The topics include gliding, powered sports flying and aerobatics, paragliding, flying small private aircraft and ultralights, computer simulation.


    MODELÁŘ (Modeller) is a monthly magazine, in which a reader can find 64 full colour pages present scale model news, reviews, monographs, step by step modelling articles, camouflages, drawings, contests, tips and tricks.


    ATM – Armády, technika, militaria is a monthly military technical magazine, which topics include military affairs, defence industries, advanced technologies and trends, armament and equipment of all services, military history, book reviews, military insignia, collectioning etc...


    The company also publishes books and other items (in particular aviation table and wall calendars and special prints).

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