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    Beranových 130, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 05
    Internet: http://www.speel.cz
    E-mail: info@speel.cz
    Tel.: +420 286 923 619
    +420 286 923 633
    Fax: +420 286 923 721 
    IČ: 49703374

    SPEEL PRAHA, Ltd., a small sized company led by Dr. Jiri Vidiecan, Managing Director, was established in August 1993 as a successor of Automation and Aircraft Diagnostics Division, which was a part of Aeronautical Research and Test Institute, Prague, Czech Republic.

    SPEEL designs and manufactures solid-state memory based flight recorders and aircraft monitoring systems for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.
    In July 2000 SPEEL received ISO 9001 certification from KEMA, a Netherlands based international Quality Certification Company, for the design and manufacture of avionics systems, including solid state crash-protected flight data recorders, aircraft monitoring systems and ground support equipment.
    SPEEL’s ISO 9001 certification was a natural extension of SPEEL’s already strict quality processes as the company is dedicated to providing high-quality products to the aviation and the automotive industry.

    SPEEL also holds the following aviation certificates:

    • Approval Certificate from the Czech MoD in compliance with the Czech Military Aviation regulations for the production of military aviation equipment.
    • CAA/EASA Certificate for the development and production of avionics equipment for the civil aviation.

    SPEEL invested more than 30 years of avionics and aircraft diagnostics experience in its product line, which includes:

    Flight Data & Cockpit Voice Recorders: SPEEL offers a full range of FDRs with crash-protected solid-state memory for the various versions of L39/L59 aircraft, and also as a modern substitution of Russian 108 recorders ZBN-1/BUR-1, SARPP-12DM/GM/IM, and TESTER. SPEEL’s FDRs meet MIL-STD-810C/461C requirements and TSO C51a crash protection requirements.

    Cockpit Voice and Flight data Recorder – CVFDR: SPEEL's CVFDR, which is being developed, is the latest generation of SPEEL's solid-state FDR/CVR product line. It is a combined cockpit voice and flight data recorder that can be easily configured for use as a voice recorder only, data recorder only, or both. The recorder feature improved recording technology and capabilities over SPEEL's previous recorders. It has been designed to meet the harshest environments as dictated by TSO-C124a/TSO-C123a, and it can fit both military and civil aircraft.

    Aircraft Monitoring Systems: AirMiS for L159B; AMOS for L159A/B; Air Data Computer

    Beside these products, the SPEEL has a good reputation in area of:

    • Engine Load Monitoring System;
    • Acceleration Monitoring Unit;
    • Ground Evaluation Equipment;
    • Electronic Tachographs.
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