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    Beranových 130, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 05
    Internet: http://www.speel.cz
    E-mail: info@speel.cz
    Tel.: +420 286 923 619
    +420 286 923 633;
    Fax: +420 286 923 721 
    IČ: 49703374

    SPEEL PRAHA, Ltd., is a small sized company founded in August 1993 as a successor of Automation and Aircraft Diagnostics Division of the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute, Prague, Czech Republic, the roots of whoch can be traced back to the late 60s.

    Since the beginning, SPEEL has offered its customers state-of-art products that allow for data acquisition and recording on board of aircraft. The SPEEL's CV&FDRs have been integrated with many fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft - for details see the company webdsite. In terms of environmental qualification, the system components meets requirements of MIL-STD-810E/461E standards. The crash protected memory module had been tested according to TSO-C123a/ED-56A. Except the airborne hardware, SPEEL has created a wide range of software tools for data analyses and visualization

    In reference to AERO VODOCHODY's running project on the new generation L-39NG jet trainer, SPEEL has developed a brand new set of avionics systems including a head-up display. The HUD symbology displayed can be tailored to the End User requirements. In frame of this project, SPEEL has laso developed an aircraft monitoring system AMOS - it features with real-time data processing on board the aircraft and with embedded airframe loads monitoring.

    SPEEL holds the following aviation certificates:

    • Approval Certificate from the Czech MoD in compliance with the Czech Military Aviation regulations for the development, production and maintenance of military aviation equipment.
    • CAA/EASA Certificate for the production and maintenance of avionics equipment for the civil aviation.

    In 2000, SPEEL received ISO 9001 certification for the design and manufacture of avionics systems. SPEEL's ISO 9001 certification was a natural extension of SPEEL's already strict quality processes as the company is dedicated to providing high-quality products to the aviation and the automotive industry. Except the ISO 9001 metioned, the SPEEL's Quality Management Systems has been certified for compliance with the requirements of the AQAP 2110 standard.

    Beside the products noticed above, the SPEEL has a good reputation in area of:

    • Air Data Sensors;
    • Accelerometers and Acceleration Monitoring Units;
    • Quick Acces Recorders and Data Transfer Units;
    • Electronic Tachographs.
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