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    Tovární 2053, Čelákovice, 250 88
    Internet: http://www.svum.cz
    E-mail: krejcik@svum.cz,
    Tel.: +420 326 509 036
    GSM: +420 602 378 200
    IČ: 25797000

    Comtact person:
    Ing. Jiří Krejčík, CSc. - General Manager

    SVÚM, a. s. is a company of more than 60 years tradition in material research, technology and testing. It belongs to the SME companies and is one of the most respected R & D Institutions in the Czech Republic. The previous National Research Institute of Materials has been privatised in 1994 and now is fully a private joint stock company. The activity  is focused on Research and  Development, Testing, Manufacturing and Training.


    Projects EU - FP projects, Eureka, COST and National projects of the Czech Republic, international projects.

    Testing and developing

    Accredited laboratories according to CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025, Cerificate from GE Aircraft Engines, metals, plastics, composites, mechanical testing, HC  and LC Fatigue at room and elevated temperatures, metalography, creep testing up to 1150°C,  stress rupture tests up to 650°C, corrosion and hot corrosion testing, tribological tests. Testing organisation under CWS-ANB for welding and soldering. Developing of high performance permanent magnets ,  corrosion resistance coatings, self lubricating foils.  


    High performance permanent anizotropic magnets ORMAKON®, piston rings, sealing rings of PTFE compound, self lubricating foil Metaloplast®, corrosion resistant and antiadhesive coatings DELTA MKS etc.

     Inspection and Training

    Certification and Inspection Welding Centre according to CSN EN ISO /IEC 17020  for welding process inspection.

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