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    Web: http://www.bellflight.com
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    Aviation Service is representing more than 20 companies, e.g. Honeywell, Raytheon, FLIR Systems, ITT Night Vision, Marathon, Garmin, David Clark, United Instruments and others, as their authorized Sales and Service centre or business partner and provides avionics systems sales, integration, installation and repair services to military as well as commercial customers in more than 10 countries within Central and East European region.

    Aviation Service, with its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic and subsidiaries in Warsaw, Poland and Ljubljana, Slovenia has over ten years (established 1991) successful record of serving commercial and military aviation needs as a leading avionics upgrades/installation/integration, sales and repairs house in Central Europe.

    Aviation Service expertise and experience in programs already realized for Czech, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Croatian, Serbian and other armed and police forces and civilian customers in Central Europe, covers for instance:

    • Installation of NATO compatible IFF systems to military aircraft;
    • Integration of TACAN and GPS and other systems with existing avionics equipment on older Russian aircraft including own development and production of specific interfacing LRUs;
    • Navigation and communication systems upgrade with NATO and/or ICAO requirements compatible systems for such aircraft as MiG-29, Su-22, An-24/26/30, L-410, Jak-40, L-39 and Mi-2, Mi-8/17, Eurocopter and Bell helicopters and Mi-14 naval helicopters;
    • Installation and servicing of FLIR and down link systems to aircraft and helicopters;
    • Installations of radars, autopilots, TCAS, GPWS/EGPWS and other systems;
      Complex avionics upgrade program proposals.

    Aviation Service is a traditional Czech Air Force business partner for outsourcing avionics upgrades and repairs.

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