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Innovative TP 100 Engine wins "Enterpreneurial Project of the Year"

První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš a. s., the renowned manufacturer of high-speed turbine machinery for the aerospace, power and transportation industries, has won a contest entitled Podnikatelský projekt roku 2014 (Entrepreneurial Project of the Year for 2014). It was awarded first place in the Innovation category for innovating production of the TP 100 turboprop engine for aviation.

The Entrepreneurial Project of the Year contest, organized annually by CzechInvest in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, evaluates the best investor projects financially supported by EU structural funds and the state budget. The Minister for Industry and Trade, Jan Mládek, took personal patronage of the event.
The project pertaining to První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš (PBS) was praised by the jury, made up of representatives from the CzechInvest business development agency, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and evaluators from a group of experts. The assessors particularly took into account the fact that PBS, with the help of European subsidies, had put its own prototype of the TP 100 turboprop engine for aviation into production. The CEO of PBS, Milan Macholán (Ing.), said that: "We are incredibly grateful for this award, which recognises our research endeavours supported by EU structural funds and the Czech national budget; it is for us, and I believe also for other Czech entrepreneurs, an incentive to go ahead and make further efforts and progress. It is our belief that the TP 100 engine shall find widespread adoption worldwide, and this prize will be of great help to this end".
The TP 100 is a turboprop engine boasting an output of 180 kW and a total weight of 61.6 kg. It is based on the proven TJ 100 turbojet engine, which in this configuration acts like a gas generator, driving the free turbine and – via the propeller gear – a three-blade propeller at a constant speed (2158 rpm). It is mounted in piloted aircraft with 1-4 seats and unmanned aerial vehicles.
The opinion of the CEO of CzechInvest, Karel Kučera, is that investor projects for Czech entrepreneurs deserve support, as they bring about improvement in the quality of products and ensure success. "Therefore, over 132 billion crowns have been allocated for similar projects in the new Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness," he stated.

PBS is a comprehensive engineering manufacturer that designs and produces aerospace technology and provides precision castings, hi-tech machining of metals, galvanic coatings and the assembly of machines.

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-- PBS VB --

VTP UNIS (Science and Technology Park UNIS) Grand Opening

A BUSINESS INCUBATOR OF THE FUTURE – a hatchery of new projects including but not limited to the Avionics branch

A unique project, the UNIS Science and Technology Park (VTP UNIS), was successfully launched in the summer of 2015 in Brno.
Helping start-up companies, the VTP is ready to provide offices equipped with the latest technology as well as state-of-the-art test laboratory services for equipment including but not limited to the Avionics branch.
The building, thanks to its complex and precise architectural design, offers a total net internal area of 9.500 m². The total capacity is 380 working spaces.

Modern laboratories and offices
The VTP UNIS consists of two buildings providing renters with a conference hall, a training office on each floor and high-tech offices.
The renters can take advantage of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test laboratory and the Mechanical Resistance and Climatic Test laboratory. Moreover, as the only test laboratory in the Czech Republic it offers a HALT /HASS chamber. HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Tests) enable to detect weak points of the design in the course of the development with the aim to increase product reliability and to find its operational and destructive limits. HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) Tests allow defect detection during the production phase, decreasing appliance failure rates in normal operation.

From the design up to the final product
The renters can use a mechanical workshop. The workshop is equipped with SW for the design and 3D modelling of mechanical constructions, with complete equipment for the production as well as testing of the designed units.
The workshop is equipped with a CNC milling machine, a 3D printer and a 3D coordinate measuring machine.
Last but not least, we offer prototype and small-series production of electric devices, including PCB population, assembly and product testing (manual or automated). Customers can also make use of a dry box for the long-term storage of electrical components.

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-- ALV Office --

ASD Convention 2014

Dear Colleagues

We cordially invite you to the ASD Annual Convention, taking place at the Hilton Prague Hotel, 23 - 25 April 2014.

Recently the ASD leadership decided to optimise the Convention structure with, in addition to a high quality interdisciplinary programme, an integrated Young Professional Forum and a Technology Forum for Business and Talents. With this in mind, we aim to offer a better value and delegate experience tailored to your interests.

The ASD Convention 2014 is held under the auspices of the Association of Aviation Manufacturers in the Czech Republic, Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic and supported by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the City of Prague.

On behalf of the ASD and the Local Organising Committee, we are looking forward to welcoming you to Prague next year. We can assure you a memorable professional and cultural experience.

Please, find more information about ASD Convention on this website. If you wish to know more about ASD itself, then please visit the ASD website. Do not miss the short video message of Mr. Jan Pie, ASD Secretary General (which you can find also on this address).

-- ALV Office --

Clean Sky 2 Info Day in Prague

The Clean Sky 2 Info Day was held on 14th JAN 2014 in Prague. The event was organised by CS 2 JU executive team in close cooperation with the Branch Contact Organisation for Aeronautical Research (OKO LV) and ALV. This event is the opportunity for potential participants to express their interest and interact with the candidate leaders of the Clean Sky 2.

The event will feature representatives from czech ministries, the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking and the Aerospace Industry, as well as numerous opportunities to network with industrial and academic researchers engaging within the Clean Sky 2 programmes. More information about JTI Clean Sky is available on the CS website.

Why to attend:
  • you will obtain basic information about the proposed Clean Sky 2 Programme and Horizon 2020;
  • you will get specific information about IADP Regional Aircraft, ITD Airframe, ITD Systems and about SAT (Small Air Transport) transversal activity;
  • you will have a possibility to raise specific questions;
  • you will have an opportunity to attend B2B meetings with CS 2 representatives (especially when you are intersted in applying for core-partner roles);
  • and you will have wide networking opportunities. 
More details about registration, core-partner template, accomodation etc... you can find on the website of VZLÚ.

-- ALV Office --

ALV at International Aviation and Space Salon - MAKS 2013

ALV will be present at the International Aviation and Space Salon - MAKS 2013 - at the official pavillion of the Czech Republic, hall D3, stand number 8.

-- ALV Office --

First flight of the SportStar EPOS - concept of electric powered plane

28th March 2013 it was the first time the prototype of electric motor powered aircraft SportStar EPOS took off from the airport in Kunovice, Czech Republic. The aircraft was piloted by factory pilot Radek Surý. After taxiing tests at 8:25 am, the aircraft took off for its first test flight. After a short, approximately ten-minute flight, it landed successfully and a second flight followed immediately afterwards. The total time the aircraft was driven by an electric motor has reached about 30 minutes
The SportStar EPOS (Electric POwered Small Aircraft) is a derivative of SporStar RTC and represents the concept of two-seater sport aircraft of the near future. The experimental operation of the SportStar EPOS was made possible due to close cooperation between Evektor company and the Czech Light Aircraft Association. SportStar EPOS was aerodynamically optimized and is equipped with new trapezoidal wing of extended span. Aircraft is powered by 50 kW electric motor. Installed power unit represents the pinnacle of performance series of drives, which are also suitable for gliders, motorized rogallos or powered paragliding. During the following flight tests, function of the power unit and its effect on flight and operational characteristics of the airplane will be examined. The objective is to develop an aircraft which can be used both by private customers, as well as aviation schools as a suitable aircraft for initial pilot training. Prototype of the SportStar EPOS was manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik company, one of world largest manufacturers of the advanced light sport as well as training aircraft. Evektor-Aerotechnik sells its aircraft in 40 countries around the world.

For more information about this aircraft visit the Evektor company website, please.


-- Evektor --

60 years of Jihlavan, a.s.

This year another member company of the ALV, the Jihlavan, a.s., celebrate its 60th anniversary.

The Jihlavan company was found originally under the Technometra group as a factory producing licensed parts and hydraulic systems. But soon after the foundation the company began production of parts and appliances under its own mark for Czech design aircraft (e.g. L-200 Morava, L-410 Turbolet etc...).
However an intense downturn occured after 1990. Despite this and fortunately for the factory the Jihlavan has been successful in retaining the production and in successice steps the company has received the quality certificate according to the AS 9000, the Part 21 POA and the Part 145 MOA.
The aviation production now creates approximately 70 % of the company turnover and the overall situation enables to invest into company modernisation.

So far it is possible to find products from the Jihlavan company in about 13.000 aircraft and this number is still far away from final figure.

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-- ALV Office --

60 Years of MESIT

MESIT holding Uherské Hradiště and its subsidiaries commemorate their 60th anniversary this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our business partners for long-term cooperation, which contributed to the fact that the MESIT Holding Group is one fo the largest private corporate groups in the Czech Republic, with a focus on electric, metalworking and foundry industries, and business activities in the CR as well as numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas.

"MESIT - 60 years at the top address"


-- Mesit --

Indian DGCA issued Acceptance Type Certificate for L-410 UVP-E20

In December 2011, Aircraft Industries, a.s., and Interglobe Established Pvt. Ltd. have concluded a Representative Agreement for promoting and supporting slaes of L 410 aircraft in India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives. Cooperation of the Companies has already resulted in issuance of Acceptance Type Certificate for L-410 UVP-E20 by Indian DGCA, which will allow using the proven and reliable L 410 aircraft on the local routes in a near future.
More on the company's website
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-- Mesit --

Czech Organisations in EU Framework Programmes

The article deals with participation of Czech aeronautical organisations within the 6th and 7th Framework programmes and with importance of such involvement in this kind of international cooperation.
Also the recent success of the OKO LV in getting the ESPOSA project, coordinated by a Czech participant, is mentioned in the second part of the article.
Read more.

-- Web admin --

Project Esposa

Czech aeronautical industry has met with another success in international projects when the ESPOSA project was finally approved for EC funding.
The proposal has been prepared by VZLÚ in cooperation with PBS Velká Bíteš and has been submitted for the 4th call of the EU. The project under acronym ESPOSA (Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft) was then approved by the EC for the funding.
Read more under the ESPOSA project page or download the press release, please.


-- Web admin --

The First Flight of the EV-55M Outback

Download press release of the first flight of the EV-55M Outback here. Pictures: (for larger picture please click on miniature)


-- Web admin --



Marketa Prokopova
marketing manager

-- Marketa Prokopova --

Aero will show profit of CZK 200 million

Country to original expectations, Aero Vodochody a. s. will show profit in the amount of CZK 200 million in 2007. "We managed to significantly speed up teh restructuring project - the overall strengthening of the Company," said Peter Ondro, President of Aero. The original plan was to show profit from 2008. The total revenue should reach up to CZK 4.1 billion (year-to-year increase by 39 %).

-- Aero Vodochody --

AERO will show profit from January 2008

So far deeply loss-making company AERO Vodochody a.s. (AERO), which has so far been showing loss in the amount of approx. 40 million Czech crowns (CZK) monthly, will again show profit from January 2008. “Our aim is to make AERO healthy, profitable and in all respect competitive company as soon as possible. AERO must not only become able to cover its current costs, but also ensure expected return of capital to its owner,” says Mr. Petr Ondro, AERO President. From January 2007, 100 % of the AERO shares are owned by the private equity group Penta.

The project of changes will be elaborated to the level of individual departments of AERO not later than March 31, 2007. Economies will be searched for in all spheres – indirect, material and personal costs as well as costs for energy and services must fall down. The Company will optimize and increase efficiency in all its activities, production will be joined in some workplaces. On the other hand, AERO will significantly mount up its investment volume this year. “We are planning to invest 150 million CZK into purchase of new and modification of current technology,” notes Peter Ondro. In 2006, the AERO investment reached 58 million CZK.

“I believe that we will succeed in filling AERO with work, that production and development capacity will be maximally occupied in the context of aerostructures growth, L-159 aircraft marketing on foreign markets and other projects. Together with new orders, re-increase of employment can be expected, in the production division of course,” says President Peter Ondro adding that AERO is negotiating with several entities interested in production in AERO. “This year, we are expecting increase in the volume of S-76C helicopter production by a fifth compared to 2006, the C-27J Spartan military transport aircraft center wing box production line will be launched, we will deliver four two-seat L-159 aircraft to the Czech Air Force,” Peter Ondro enumerated several production activities.

-- Aero Vodochody --


is a joint activity between AECMA, the European Association of Aerospace Industries and the European Commission. AeroSME is aimed at encouraging and supporting the participation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the EU Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development. It will facilitate the generation of proposals directed towards Key Action 4 of the Growth Programme and other suitable project areas with SMEs in leading roles. more .... http://www.aerosme.com

-- Ing. Karel Paiger, VZLÚ a.s --

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